Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little Girl Dragon

This is just a fun little script developed from a character I created called Little Girl Dragon.


A young dragon with an oversized bow on her head stands upstage center, self consciously holding on to her tail (she also has a pair of fairy wings on that are much too weak to lift her). Two young men (perhaps with backwards ball caps) dribble a basketball on stage. They seem to not notice her. She watches them with a blank expression. [NOTE: Her default expression should be one of pathetic longing.]

MARK: Yo, Tony, did you catch the Kings game last night?!

TONY: Oh man it was awesome dude! That last 3-pointer! (He pretends to shoot ball.)

MARK: Swish! (High five, continue talking silently about “guy stuff”. Little Girl Dragon smiles, joining in on the fun, as)

(A preppy girl and guy enter, carrying schoolbooks. Little Girl Dragon shifts attention.)

CLAIRE: I was thinking that if we pass out flyers in teams during lunch, we could reach a majority of the school population.

DREW: Oh Claire-Bear, I’m so glad I picked you for a running mate. You’re so clever.

CLAIRE: Oh Drew-Boo! (They Eskimo kiss.)

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Sighs with a mix of happiness and longing)

TONY: Did it just get warmer in here?

DREW: Yes, I do believe it did.

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Squeaks, tries to hide behind her tail.)

MARK: (Smells air.) Aww dude! (Fans air around him) That reeks! Nice one!

TONY: Dude, if that was me, I’d’ve told you.

MARK: Hell yeah! (High five)

CLAIRE: Well it still smells awful, like burnt hair and plastic. (Little Girl Dragon shows signs of beginning to cry.)

DREW: Yes, or hot garbage.

MARK: Or, like, extra spicy turd curry!

TONY: Festering wounds!

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Wails.) [If this were a cartoon, streams of tears would pour like fountains.]

MARK: Holy shit!

CLAIRE: Oh my god! A monster!

DREW: Do not fear my darling! I shall protect you! Back, beast!

TONY: Dude, give it TicTacs!


MARK: Yo, check the bow. Are you… a girl monster?


CLAIRE: And the wings! Are you a dragon?

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Nods vigorously, smiling now)

DREW: I’ve never read anything about dragons in this region.

TONY: Some dragon. Aren’t you supposed to be, like, as big as a house?

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Wilts visibly, lip trembles, whimpers)

CLAIRE: (Comforting) Whatever the size, you’re still a dragon. Can you fly?

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Nods vigorously again, strains to take off, can’t do it, sadly hangs her head.)

MARK: Don’t trip, it’s cool.

TONY: Yo, you got a name?

DREW: Yes, what are we supposed to call you?

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Makes a show of thinking very hard. Becomes more pressured when she realizes she doesn’t actually have a name.)

CLAIRE: Oh, don’t worry. We’ll just call you… Little Girl Dragon. How does that sound?

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Nods vigorously, smiling big now that she has friends.)

MARK: Little Girl Dragon. Cool.

TONY: Hey, Dragon! Do you watch basketball?

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Looks confused)

TONY: You know, basketball. (He tosses her the ball a little to hard. She catches it, smells it, about to take a bite.)

MARK: No! Bad dragon!

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Quickly puts ball down, anxiously rolls it away. During next she nervously fidgets with her tail.)

CLAIRE: Don’t yell at her!

DREW: Claire-Bear!

CLAIRE: Isn’t it obvious she’s scared?

DREW: I think she’s more than capable of defending herself!

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Puts hands over ears and whimpers)

TONY: Whoa, dudes, chill. She looks like she’s gonna blow again.

CLAIRE: Apologize to her, Mark, quick!

MARK: Uh, there, there, Dragon, I’m sorry I shouted.

TONY: For serious, he totally is.


DREW: Alright, I have had enough of this. Come along, darling. (Exits)

MARK: Yeah, I’m out. Come on, dude. (Exits)

TONY: I’ll catch you in a minute.

CLAIRE: It’s okay, Little Girl Dragon, you don’t have to be scared with me.

TONY: Or me. (Gently hands her the basketball.)

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Shocked, looking at ball. Puts it down, gives Tony a big hug.)

TONY: Okay, okay! Let me breathe!

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Quickly lets go)

TONY: Well, it was nice meetin’ ya! We’ll shoot some hoops some time. (Exits same way as Mark.)

CLAIRE: I have to get going, too. Here. (Takes out a campaign flyer, writes something on it.) That’s my Twitter page. Follow me!

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Takes paper, overjoyed.)

CLAIRE: Well, I’ll be seeing you. (Starts to leave.) Oh, I like your bow. Bye! (Exits same way as Drew.)

LITTLE GIRL DRAGON: (Looks at basketball in one hand, and flyer in the other. Takes a nibble off the corner of the paper, then hugs them both tight, smiling from ear to ear.)


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