Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So, I'm mostly starting this for a few reasons.

1) To update more frequently for the benefit of my Youtube subscribers (you guys are awesome [with gold stars if you're actually reading this, leave me a comment to retrieve your metaphorical stickers!])
2) To have a semi-public place to post scripts and other creative writing stuff I do.

To be honest it's mostly about number 2 (poop joke LOL moving on). I write in a physical journal, and have for about *counts on fingers* 8 years, give or take a few months, and am three quarters of the way through of my 18th composition book. It's very exciting and I love doing it. Over the years I've showed my journal to my closest friends, just to keep them in the loop. I've stopped doing that more recently, but that's fine. A journal is private, and if I die before my parents, I'm leaving those in the care of my mom. (That reminds me, I should subscribe to her blog so she'll subscribe to mine and read that. Just in case.)
I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog, and you know what, why the hell not? The thing that held me back was that it might distract from my journalling, and I'd be saying the same thing over again. But they're different styles of writing, as I've come to realize, and this will be a fun experiment. Plus I want to know what folks think about my writing, if... well, I'll not get ahead of myself.

So, in short, welcome!



  1. Hello! thanks for the metaphorical sticker. i'll find a good place to put it.

  2. hope you do subscribe to mine. Loved your Little Girl Dragon - Mom